Riverstone Going Private With Talen Energy

The deal that will bring Talen Energy private is worth nearly $2 billion, and Riverstone Holdings is paying the price to help the energy company become a stronger force on the market. This article explains how the deal will help both companies in their quest to make the energy market more profitable for both companies. Someone who is following the energy market will learn quite a lot when they begin to look into the deal between Talen and Riverstone.

#1: What Does Riverstone Do?

Riverstone Holdings is one of the largest investment firms in the world. Founded by Pierre Lapeyre and David Leuschen Riverstone Holdings invests in energy solutions.  They buy up companies that they may add to their ranks, and they help manage each company in a better way. They have done quite a lot of work around the world ensuring that businesses are run properly, and they have billions of dollars in assets under management. The company is capable of purchasing Talen, managing it well and offering a better product.

#2: What Is Talen Energy?

Talen Energy is a large energy trader that has been a public company in the past, and they trade on all the energy markets available in America. They have been quite good at ensuring they are on the cutting edge of the industry, and they are looking for ways to ensure they are servicing the market as best they can. They know the market will help yield higher returns as the energy field becomes more diverse, and they have been invested in several different parts of the industry that are quite interesting.

#3: What Does The Deal Do?

The deal between the two takes Talen Energy private under the umbrella of the Riverstone family. They are using the influence and resources of Riverstone to offer better products to customers, and they have chosen to offer something to customers that is far different from what other energy companies offer. Riverstone will add value to its firm, and they may use a finer management style to keep the company as profitable as possible.

Riverstone and Talen Energy are joining forces to create a bigger player on the energy market, and Riverstone knows how to manage the company in a more excellent way. They are creating something that will stand the test of time. The firms will both learn how to work together, and they will be far more competitive in their respective fields after the deal is done.

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