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Rationing Gas Post Hurricane Sandy

Most of us never think twice about where the gas that fuels our cars comes from. Yes, we may complain about the price, and seek out the best gas stations within the area. But, that the end of the day, we expect to fill up the tank when we go to the gas station.

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Riverstone Holdings Invests In Kerogen Energy Holdings

Pierre Lapeyre and David Leuschen, Co-Founders of Riverstone, added, “Investing in exceptional and highly experienced management teams is a fundamental component of Riverstone’s long-held investment strategy.

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Investments in Green Energy

Natural gas is one of the leading resources for America’s energy independence. Natural gas production is taking place all across the United States in areas rich was shale. Shale rock formations such as Marcellus and Bennett are rich with natural gas. America has enough discovered natural gas to last more than 100 years.

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Natural Gas Prices Remain Low

At the Gulf Coast Power Association conference, experts expressed concern over low natural gas prices. Experts believe that natural gas prices have a little chance of rising over the next few year, and the reason might be Texas.  Texas already relies on natural gas plants to meet the daily rise and fall in electricity demands; […]

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Company Reaches Record Marcellus Production

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation recently announced record Marcellus production with its gross average over 7000 million cubic feet (Mmcf) of natural gas per day. Cabot hit a record of 752 Mmcf during one 24-hour period.

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Job Creating Potential of Shale Development

According to several reports, the job creating potential of shale gas production, will impact the overall economy directly and indirectly.

Article from E&E: “In a new overview from the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), North Dakota officials report a swiftly expanding economy, spurred by oil production that is boosting jobs, population, and opportunities for housing and business development.

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What is Shale Gas?

Shale gas is natural gas released from shale rock formations. There are different types of shale rock formations in the United State including Marcellus, Bakken, Barnett, Eagle, and Utica shale.  In order to release the natural gas from the shale rock formations, a method called hydraulic fracturing takes place. Fracking is slang for hydraulic fracturing. […]

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Natural Gas is Cheap

“The price of gas has risen rapidly this year.” “The price of gas has fallen to the lowest level in a decade.” According to the New York Times both of those statements are true. The first refers to gasoline, the second to natural gas. The two products serve very different markets, while natural gas has […]

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