Independent Gas Providers in the United States

Independent oil and natural gas companies are the lead providers in oil and natural gas in the United States. In fact, independent oil providers, drill the majority of the nation’s oil and gas wells, according to the IPAA website.

Today, America has a very large role in the oil industry since the production of shale has been discovered. America capitalized on the production of shale, which has advanced America in the oil industry compared to other countries who did not take advantage of the prospect of shale. Independent oil providers who use current methods for drilling oil such as, hydraulic fracturing, horizontal and directional drilling are able to produce more oil.

Cunningham Energy (Energy Executive) is an example of an independent oil and gas company, which is based out of West Virginia. Cunningham Energy uses innovative technology such as hydraulic fracturing in order to maximize energy production. While at the same time they still use more traditional methods for oil drilling that have consistently produced positive results.

“The United States produces significantly more natural gas than Saudi Arabia and a bit more than Russia. According to the Energy Information Administration, United States energy production is about evenly split between petroleum and natural gas. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, primarily produces petroleum,” according to an article on Politi Fact.

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