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Conserve Energy, Stabilize the Economy

Can you imagine the world with two billion more people? The pollution? The energy usage? The climate change? Imagine the traffic jams. Energy policies are needed to regulate energy usage because, with so many more people, we won’t be able to control the climate change unless we start now.

Energy Education tweeted, “You don’t have to believe in climate change to solve it,” says Lovins. “Everything we do to raise energy efficiency will make money, improve security and health, and stabilize climate.” “will make money, improve security & health & stabilize climate” – Amory Lovins..

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Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper – “bringing the two sides together”

Controvery over hydrualic fracturing and the health effects on local water sources has swept the country causing an overwhelming response from the public and governement. FrackingScience, indicates the major controversy deals with the chemical usage during the hydraulic fracturing process. Although hydrualic fracturing fluid is less than 1% chemical and more than 99% water and sand, citizens are concerned that the chemicals could leak into their groundwater.

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